Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Loggerhead Marinelife Center is preparing and Needs Help.

Hello all,

Loggerhead Marinelife Center is on the East Coast of Florida - and is already preparing in case the effects of the oil spill come around the tip of Florida as projected.  I will find out more from the West Coast today while there, however, LMC is very near to my home, and is the home of my first turtle portraits.  PLEASE HELP them in any way you possibly can, if not in Florida, monetary donations would be great. This helps them overall in their mission.  Also, if you would like to spread the word to involve others, please pass this information on, ask others to join OceansForLife on Facebook as I collect all information accessible about the needs down here in Florida.

BTW - :"Turtwig" is still recovering at LMC, and the painting of Turtwig the new acrylic medium is going fabulously!  I love my switch!  Below is a photo of Turtwig.


Dear Friends,

The Loggerhead Marinelife Center is requesting the assistance of friends & supporters in this time of need. LMC continues to recover from depleted supply levels and on-going care costs associated with our cold-stun sea turtle patients, we are facing another potential crisis with the recent oil spill. The best way for the public to help is in the form of monetary donations to be used to purchase needed medications and supplies. We are also seeking donations of Gift Cards and needed supplies (listed below).

Should the situation materialize, we need the necessary supplies in order to care for a potentially large number of sea turtles. Donations to support the rehabilitation efforts can also be made online at:, or by calling 561.627.8280 x102.  PLEASE CLICK HERE TO SEE THEIR MOST RECENT MEDIA UPDATES REGARDING THE SPILL.

General Supplies.  If you are in S. Florida, consider delivering some of these easily accessible donations - you will LOVE their facility and the beautiful patients there now, also a beautfiul drive!  South on US past Jupiter - Juno Beach.  Once you're in Juno Beach you will the Center (yellow building) on the left.
  • Gift Cards –Grocery and Hardware Stores
  • Kitchen Trash Bags
  • Simple Green Cleaner
  • KY Jelly
  • Laundry Detergent (unscented)
  • Windex Glass Cleaner
  • Triple Antibiotic Oitment
  • Baby Pools

 ANYTHING YOU CAN DO IS AN IMMENSE HELP!  Mostly, please try to spread the word about this page.  I will try to load shirts with Neal on them soon so we can all wear his adorable face proudly and remind everyone who lives in our OCEANS, and keeps them healthy!!

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