Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Gulf Brief - busy getting ready to communicate visually and help.

My days on the southern west coast of Florida were interesting to say the least. Beyond each and every BP station being a ghost town, there was a tense aura among some the members of organizations in preparation for the seemingly now inevitable flood of injured animals that will arrive at their facilities. For the most part, many of them made me feel very welcome - and understood the bigger picture of what I was there to do: experience the patients and beauty of the creatures they already care for to strengthen their message and create a long term awareness and fund-raising campaign to help them all ride out this horrific tidal wave. Supplies were flooding in. All of them need multiple items, (from mild detergents to help with oiled animals to grocery gift cards to help them get what they need fast), yet what I found is they just need is just cash so they know they can sustain their facilities and have the nourishment and medical needs met for the long-haul. So, my mission to help was strengthened and you will see more on this during the week.

For now, being a huge fan of Carl Safins, I highly recommend his wonderfully written exerpt on his trip over there: "Blessed assurance is suspended indefinitely." He really says it all. Being primarily a visual artist/painter, I must simply begin expression visually in paints (yes, now acrylics and watercolors), and provide us all a means of expression for the multitude of emotions that are developing in us all during this difficult time...and leave the superior writing to Carl.

So how IS my latest shift to acrylic paint going? FANTASTIC!! Turtwig is emerging well on the canvas, and should be done today or tomorrow- love the new media! Take care all, and hope you will keep an eye on all events here, and on the small steps from my blog: "the Spill should spell change"...haven't heard any steps yet!!!

Creatively yours, pH

(Please send me a note online about those "small steps" for change, BTW!)

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