Saturday, April 3, 2010

Ego's and Political division now stopping students from trying to help their local economy.

OK, now things are just getting absolutely ridiculous!
I can't sit idle, and hope anyone who reads will choose to not just sit either! Students in my local community of Martin County, FL, took an amazing initiative to help boost local economic activity - and now residents, even parents are criticizing and sabatoging the entire effort.

What is it? They brilliantly developed an event, April 25th, at our local Fairgrounds to bring together local residents and business for a Recovery Rally. They created a video inviting our President to the rally to help boost the interest and perhaps give our area a chance to be heard. What's sad is my predominatly Republican community is criticizing this event, and the participation by local businesses is not as expected. Even the local chamber does not seem to want to actively promote this to the local businesses. Being a local business owner myself, I am finding this to be a huge disappointment in my community.  I like the way the students acknowledged the need to reach outside our area, so here I am, reaching out, too however I can.

On a positive note, at least our local paper is fairly covering this effort, and presenting both sides. Below is an outline of coverage by the Stuart News to help gauge the climate...the comments that are already showing online to my own letter and the other articles shows the huge political division here, and is a strong reflection of our country. This makes me very concerned about the future, especially when our next generation is striving to do something to help.

1. March 17th - article about the RecoveryRally: Martin County High School students invite President Obama to Stuart, rally to end recession
2. March 22nd - the criticism begins: High school students' video inviting Obama to Martin County draws parents' ire.

3. The community debate begins! Various article links and letters to the editor. The online comments are for the most part supportive, yet mixed with some extremely closed-minded, short-sighted opinions. I pray that the administration does see that this is an opportunity to begin to ease the division in all communities so we can just get on with recovery! President you hear us???

Eve Samples: Inviting Obama was not political action

Letter (by yours truly): Martin County High School students who created video for Obama 'deserve our full support'
Letter: Upset about Obama coming to school? No way!
Even a local Doctor (hey, aren't they against healthcare?...Thank you, Dr. Lustgarten for setting polotics aside and commending these students! Letter: Martin County High School students undertook 'worthwhile goal' for community

There's a lot more to this story...just want to give you all the scope of what is happening here. I can't help go back to my stance on getting CREATIVE! Place politics and egos aside, no one has to be right or wrong, we can agree to disagree...but please, to the point where we are sabatoging ourselves? I have hope for my town, and hope that someone up in D.C. does show support somehow of what these students are doing!

Anyone reading this, please help these students shine in their efforts to help their community by sharing their YouTube video invitation to President Obama, visiting their website, or joining their Facebook Page to tell them to never give up! THANKS!

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