Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Is it possible that increased ADD/ADHD is our signal to simply get CREATIVE about Education Reform?

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Sure, both sides of my brain conflict - they argue with each other. The left, analytical side picks everything apart while my emotional yet innovative right side constantly wants to push the envelope. The restlessness - tame the wild horse, or not? How else is our country going to rise in our new Creative Economy? (read more on the research and writing by authors Richard Florida, Dan Pink, Seth Godin, and Sir Ken Robinson if you've been in the dark about what is really happening globally.)

So, last night, immersed in my research for the case for creative (for the arts and creative thinking to become a reality in our schools and in the businesses world), I stumbled across an article on USNews - the link is below. Please look for my lengthy comment to this article (can't miss it, Pamela Hoke comment with title about the NEGATIVE terms used to desribe these children). I am on a mission to create a website, CreativeAge101.org, but need your feedback! Should I create this community and join the crusade? Would you join the a site to learn how to tap into exercising the right side of your brain? Am I jumping too far out on a limb by suggesting 2 teaching methods as a solution to begin real education reform? Do you agree that more research should be implemented correlating ADD/ADHD with right-brain or mixed-brain usage as a GIFT, not a negative???

My largest point is Albert Einstein: the autopsy on his brain showed clearly he used both sides of the brain equally - and now, here is an article that presents this as something negative?

Another point about Einstein to bake our noodles: One of his noted quotes: "The only thing that gets in the way of my learning is my education." hmmmm....isn't he already suggesting it was time then to simply re-write the textbooks and get creative about how we teach? And we wonder why our kids are having problems focusing in school!
< /br>Please read my suggestions and send feedback! Thank you!!!

Please look for my comment under this article!
Mixed-Handed Kids May Struggle With ADHD, Learning Problems - On Parenting (usnews.com)Mixed-Handed Kids May Struggle With ADHD, Learning Problems - On Parenting (usnews.com)

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