Thursday, January 28, 2010

My plea to the White House: 2 Creative Solutions for REAL Middle Class Boost.

Yep, to say the least, I am pretty charged up now. Even though I was absolutely mesmerized by our President's incredible gift to move people like he did last night, I can only dream that he would utilize his gift to consider explaining to Americans that "Yes, we CAN work for ourselves right now...since many of us are currently unemployed, or dissatisfied with our jobs, let's really BE the INNOVATION NATION," rather than just waiting around for jobs. I can't think of a better person to present such a message than Barack Obama. Just even help people embrace the notion that this time of adversity may be their time to re-invent themselves, discover their true passions, their goals in life. Just "be" themselves, which involves tapping into that creative spirit within, that neglected right-brain, creative thinking that my poll is already showing was stifled in our schools and upbringings. husband of nearly 15 years knows me well, I get worked up: so, here's the letter I submitted to the White House. I pray the team there passes this on to our President so he can use his creative gift of motivation to inspire.


Please accept my urgent plea to re-think the assistance proposed to help the middle class. As a self-employed entrepreneur full time for 9 years, I can tell you the tax breaks hire is simply NOT FEASIBLE, nor is an immediate solution. I implore you to think creatively, and not forget that we are a NATION OF INNOVATORS. None of my design clients (all small business owners who are the very heartbeat of our economy) can afford at this time to hire anyone, nor dare make long-term commitments. Most hire out the self-employed. This is a window of opportunity to get people to work NOW. My husband and I have worked together side by side designing brands and websites for small businesses all over the country. We see and experience what is going on first-hand. If the administration really wants America to win, and renew trust by the small business sector – here are 2 steps that may help:

1. ENCOURAGE INNOVATION and ENTREPRENEURSHIP by giving all self-employed making less than $200,000 per year a break for at least 2009 (and perhaps 2010) on the huge self-employment tax – simply waive it. It’s bold, but will thrust immediate hope and help to existing self-employed, and inspire the unemployed to begin the journey of taking charge of their futures, rather than waiting around for jobs to come.

2. INVIGORATE CREATIVITY and HELP AMERICANS re-invent themselves by DIRECTLY rewarding those who make the leap to either start their own business, or begin to re-invent their careers for the new-age. Provide grants for those with a viable business plan, provide vouchers for taking on a new trade, online certifications, or learn technology and new-age marketing . Bring qualified, hi-tech instructors into existing Workplace Solutions. Also, as a former high school teacher, I recommend we send teachers to summer school to learn how to teach creative thinking, and get up to speed with technology.

I guarantee these steps are at least a start in getting back to being the NATION OF INNOVATION. I pray you will heed my suggestions and renew the trust of this sector of America. We are in South Florida if you want to drop by and see us, we’re easy to find because we work from home. Learn about me at, or, or, Thank you from a middle-class entrepreneur, artist, philanthropist, mother and wife.

IF YOU LIKE THESE IDEAS, PLEASE PASS THIS ON, or send me your comments! I am curious to know your perspective. -pH "Let's balance business with creativity!"

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